Kasenyi Safari Camp is strategically located on the rim of lake Bunyampaka in the Kasenyi savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The camp has an elevated dining structure that is meticulously thatched. The tents are on platforms with a thatched canopy roof. There are eight tents all with en-suite bathrooms, spacious living areas with king sized beds and walk-in mosquito nets and private decks. Many animals frequent the camp during day and at night. Lions, hippo, leopard, buffalo, elephant, waterbuck, kob, hyena and wart hog are frequently seen. The night comes alive with sounds of hyenas howling and lions roaring.


We provide complimentary Wi-Fi in the main Restaurant. Wi-Fi hot spots are available in the tents at an additional cost.
Laundry services are complimentary.
Our all-inclusive rates include local sodas, beers and house spirits and wine.

Activities at Kasenyi Safari Camp

Game Viewing in the Kasenyi Savannah
The most visited park in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park hosts a variety of cats in the Kasenyi savannah. Here the cats feed on the large numbers of Uganda kob. Some lions have learned to hunt buffalo and also climb trees.

Boat Cruises on the Kazinga Channel
In the heat of the African afternoon, there is no better place than the largest water hole to witness Africa's animals quench their thirst. This is a must see. Over 600 species of birds call Queen home. Hippo, crocodile, buffalo and elephant wallow in the water in the hot African afternoon.

Chimpanzee Trekking
Chimpanzees are found nearby in Kyambura Gorge. A family of chimpanzees is habituated for your close encounter. Also not too far is Kibale Forest National Park, one of the most accessible rain forests in Uganda. Kibale boasts the world’s largest chimpanzee population. Here you can trek after the rumbustious primate, a true primate lover jungle. Kalinzu Forest Reserve is also an excellent forest to trek for Chimpanzees.

Ishasha and the Tree-climbing Lions
The southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, boast one of the only two areas in Africa where lions commonly rule the canopy. Tree climbing lions spend their leisure day in the cool branches of the olive trees. These cats are masters at taking down prey and are top predator on the ground and in the canopy.

Night Game Drives
This is the time to witness Africa's night. The night wakes up with the sound of hyena calling to formation. Lions stretch with a yawn relaxing muscles for the night's hunt. The elusive leopard may be seen on patrol for that early evening hunt. Other nocturnal animals hop and dash around the savannah.

Bush Breakfast
After an early morning game drive, we take you to an exclusive vista or water hole to soak in and reminisce the morning activities just experienced, while enjoying a freshly cooked hot breakfast.

Nature Walks
Like the early explorers ventured into wild Africa, you will start your nature walk at your tent. As you disappear into the thickets you will begin to experience what the early explorers of Africa did, while listening to bird-calls, crickets and flickers of fireflies in old Africa, on foot.

Communities of Bakonzo and Basongora Tribes
What makes Africa beautiful are its people. Welcoming and friendly, you will experience cultures from Africa’s past, today. The Bakonzo and Basongora tribes are located in the Ruwenzori Mountains. These communities continue on their daily activities as food gatherers, farmers and pastoralists. Join them on a Bakonzo feast.

Rwenzori National Park
Drive to Fort Portal for cavern walks and hikes in the Rwenzori Mountains. On the foothills of the world’s longest single mountain range with snow-capped peaks on the equator is Fort Portal town. Here you will begin your hike to one of Seven Wonders of the World.

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